About jb's Mongolian Grill

jb’s Mongolian Grill was born out of a need for something fresh.  Roadhouse restaurants have taken over the market, making each dining experience seem like the next, and we wanted to change that!  “The Grill”  means fresh food served in a relaxed and adventurous atmosphere.  It’s a clean and colourful look, and a nice change from the everyday dining experience.

The scene is worldbeat flavour with an attitude!  Guests gather around a sizzling grill in the dining area to watch each one of their fresh food creations being prepared.

Our guest are singles, couples, groups, baby-boomers and families!  No matter where you look, people are having a good time.  Its the kind of place you’d like to visit again, and many do!

Our message is always fresh.  We offer our guest choices of fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and fish colourfully displayed in a food bar that is replenished regularly.  Creating your own meal is a fun time EVERY time!  This is the right concept for today’s “eat smart” attitude.  It’s our unique message and it works!

At the heart of every jb’s Mongolian Grill is the Grill itself.  It’s a special, roaring-hot griddle that seals in the flavour.  The Grill Crew use their sticks to keep those fresh ingredients on the move.  Surrounded by guests, they serve up banter and food with equal panache.

It’s a simple concept for the customer.  Great Food and Entertainment Value!  We’ve worked out all the complicated details behind-the-scenes to make this all happen.  Based on our experience, we can truly say that our system is easier to operated than a traditional full-service restaurant.  jb’s Mongolian Grill is the kind of business that can accommodate many possibilities and has what it to remain a mainstay in the market today.

Contact Details

Telephone:  519-645-6400

Email: service@mongoliangrill.com