Q: How do you prepare a meal?

Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by our friendly staff who will have you seated.  When you are ready to make your meal, take your bowl to the beginning of the line and select the meats/seafood that you would like.

Don’t forget to check out the recipes posted on the blackboards overhead…the creations shared are #mongolicious!

Once you select your meat you will move to the type of noodle or pasta that you would like.

You will then select your vegetables, sauces and spices that makes every bowl unique.

Once all your selections are made, hand it over to our Grill Staff who will prepare you meal over our sizzling hot grill – serving up equal parts of flavour and entertainment!

Your Griller will hand back your plated meal and you will return to your seat and enjoy your feast!

The best part – you can return for as many bowls as you can eat!

Q: Is there a menu to order from as well?

Yes!  You can order a number of our delicious appetizers or lunch specials including wraps and salads.  And don’t miss out on our delicious dessert menu!  Check out the full menu for all the options!

Q: Is jb's Mongolian Grill kid friendly?

Absolutely!  We are a family friendly restaurant.  Kids love the experience and it’s great for those picky eaters too!  We have a different menu for kids under 10 and they eat free on Tuesdays!

Q: I have allergies - can I still eat here?

We can accommodate almost any allergy concern.  Consult our allergy board, call ahead or ask your server.  Our Grill Staff are happy to clean off a section of the grill just for you.  Our buffet is always peanut free!


Q: I am gluten free, how do I make my meal?

Very few of our sauces contain any gluten.  The ones that do are listed on our allergy board.  We regularly carry rice noodles on the buffet aside from that it’s as easy as staying away from the rest of the noodle section.  Our cooks will seperate you food on a freshly cleaned section of the grill and you’re ready to feast!